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  1. Didier Drogba

    One must thank Mr Drogba for his act of foolishness last night, pathetic to say the least, but yet oh so unsurprising! He ALWAYS has to get involved, throw his weight around, normally in the wrong places. Had he stayed on the pitch, he probably would have taken, and probably would have scored the pen and we would all be here as European Champions..! Don't get me wrong ON HIS DAY he is the best striker in the world, regardless of whatever defender you are, and thats a fact. However how many "ON HIS DAYS.." has he had this season? Very few! Arsenal and Liverpool games aside (Prem (h) and CL (h)) I struggle to actually think off the top of my head of a game where Drogba has really shown pushed himself to show us that he loves the club...words and actions are 2 different things. He has been a fantastic servant for us, and a catalyst for our success on many occasions, but I feel it could be the right time to part company with him. We can demand a hefty transfer fee and can replace him before next season. It doesn't seem like he really wants to be here considering his statements in the press... IF he is willing to stay and give his all to redeem himself, and believe me he has a lot to do, then bring it on, but if he is to remain half hearted then he can go.
  2. New Kits

    Yes I like it...quite old school I think! I the collar bit is quite cool I think and a nice change!
  3. Ashley Cole

    This is quite funny because I was beginning to wonder if people had forgotten, amongst the solid start and other possible transfers, about young Ashley and the furore under which he came to us. Again I am a staunch Wayne Bridge fan, but that does not mean I don't like Ashley! He is a fantastic player, very solid and is good at defending and attacking, more so defensively, with his speciality of goal-line clearances. I am happy we have him in our side, because he is undoubtedly one of the finest left-backs in the game. I will agree with "has any1 seen spot" in that he does not have the crossing ability, but I disagree that he was pants against Liverpool! As many have said, he is slowly regaining his best form for us, hoprfully he will be able to maintain it for the rest of the season!
  4. Musical Tastes

    Gotta love a bit of Bob Sinclair! Top club choons from that man! Anyone else looking forward to the new Kanye West album?
  5. Salomon Kalou

    Why don't you ask me in 2 or 3 years when he will have developed fully as a player. Then I will give you a definitive answer!
  6. your just a mug a disgrace to chelsea fans u sound like a right tosser!!

  7. Musical Tastes

    They have gigs in the new year aswell, they are good though, if you send them an email they'll send you a free EP.
  8. Musical Tastes

    Love Songs...Anything by Mr. Luther Vandross can set the mood for a wonderful night... Stay by East-17 is also a good love song...but seeing Brian Harvey in the video makes it seem so wrong!
  9. Musical Tastes

    John Legend is such a quality performer, favourite song has to be Ordinary People, Jay-Z also a top notch rapper aswell. Not really hot on Dre, but he's cool. Can't put my finger on the other 2 there. Seeing as people here are into their indie/rock wondered if anyones heard of Kolo, my mates shown me some of their tunes and their pretty nifty aswell. Possibly ones for the future. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=33549220 - heres their MySpace if anyones interested in checking them out.
  10. Musical Tastes

    As a teenager, I'm bound to say people like Kanye West, Jagged Edge, Eminem and the like... However I also have a tast for soulful sound of Luther, Marvin and co. Ultimate love songs :)
  11. Salomon Kalou

    He's got the potential to be our 20+ goal a season man in years to come when Sheva and Drogs(if ever) are gone. He will be one of the best strikers in the world, in the future, mark my words!
  12. Michael Essien

    Possibly best central midfielder and right back at Chelsea this season. Creates such an assurance in the mind of fans and team mates when he plays, and doesn't even have to be noticed even when doing a quality job. He is the essence of a top class, if not world class, player, as he can have good games over a long period of time, or have quiet ones and pop up with outstanding moments, much like against Arsenal, also Everton last season with his goal. His goal for me was one of the best moments I have seen for Chelsea, the relief and exultation his goal brought to me was unlike any other SINGLE moment.
  13. Ashley Cole

    Ashley Cole will be a Chelsea great if he carries on his performances of recent weeks. He's a quality player in every sense of the word. Have you seen Gallas in an Arsenal shirt, he's lost without good players around him I.e JT and Riccy. My Arsenal mates have been saying how he gets caught out so much for them...Seen it on a few occasions noticeably against Vagner Love in the CSKA match.
  14. Ashley Cole

    I'm glad I backed the decision to sign him, I think he was worth the loss of Gallas, he has been my MotM for us in the last 4 games, simply so solid and unfluttering. He has the Chelsea bite when he tackles, any thoughts of Arsenal red are gone, he's a blue now. Long may it continue! Cue: Ronaldo in his pocket He's got Ronaldo in his pocket!
  15. Didier Drogba

    He's playing so well because he has a strike partner, and I said this when he had Crespo last season and he started scoring then. Now with someone like Sheva alongside him is bound to make him such a better player...Jesus he even played well with Steve Marlet!