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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lots of bits in this Simon Johnson article that will no doubt be discussed to death: Lukaku supposedly told Inzaghi that the club should accept a bid for him for their own financial good last week Tuchel doesn't regard Lukaku as a second choice, he sees this as a great backing from the club. Lukaku was made aware how much Tuchel likes and admires him and he hopes to strike a bond similar to Conte
  2. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    I sat in the new "West View" area in West Upper. Rather nice space in the concourse and plenty of seating. A bit like a giant spoons. We had a chicken burger and chips which was genuinely really good and a posh sausage roll. Probably justified the price hike. The 360 bars made for easier access. Lots of big screens everywhere. When seated, there were also three extra screens in view and another smaller screen up high which was better quality but slightly delayed. Could see rails throughout the MH and Shed.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Comparing Grealish, a player known for creating chances with Lukaku, a goalscorer, is odd. Grealish's goalscoring record might not be that good but his stats for creating goalscoring opportunities (at Aston Villa) certainly are. He's an excellent player. The fee is so high because Villa don't want to sell and the owners don't need the money. They've supposedly offered him 250k pw and he still wants to go to City.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seems fairly obvious to me that if Chelsea are going all out for Lukaku it means that they consider Haaland to be an impossible signing this summer and an unlikely one next summer. I have some reservations about Lukaku at that price (who wouldn't given our record with strikers?) but I do think he's probably the best option out there (of which there are very few right now) and if we get 5 good goalscoring seasons out of him and win silverware in the process it'll be worthwhile. Having watched us last season, everything points to him scoring a bucketload in this team.
  5. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Great win but I'm definitely that much more convinced that they'll get their revenge in the final. Let's hope not though. We've beat them twice recently, we can do it again.
  6. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    This is astonishing. They are there for the taking.
  7. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Two AWFUL passes to Werner after literally carving our way through them. So frustating.
  8. European Super League

    City, Atletico and Barcelona all out.
  9. European Super League

    What a moment! The cheers as it was announced. We did it!
  10. European Super League

    Haven't arrived yet. There was a "Let's stop the bus" chant about 5 minutes ago. Which really wouldn't be a good look.
  11. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Cech arrived and went over to try and talk to some supporters. All you could hear him say on the stream was "give them time".
  12. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Wonderful scenes outside the Bridge. Respect.
  13. European Super League

  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    I do say it at the time though. Quite often actually.
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    The criticism most of our players have got on this forum (and elsewhere, of course) this season is unbelievable to be fair. I think every single one of our players have been labelled liabilities at one point or another this season. Maybe with the exception of Thiago Silva or Azpi. You might think that's par for the course but I do think it was particularly bad in the early stages of this season. Mount was championship quality at best, Ziyech should never be allowed to put on a Chelsea shirt again, Jorginho should have never been allowed to in the first place. Not to mention the likes of Rüdiger and Christensen who were dismissed almost universally as not being Chelsea quality. So much unnecessary exaggeration that sounds ridiculous even at the time but looks even sillier now. Almost all of these players are very good footballers playing at a very high level and if their performances haven't matched what's expected there are usually other factors involved, beyond them being bad footballers who should never have been signed or used in the first place.