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  1. Media / Press

    I have mentioned on here before but no apologies for repeating it, if it prevents clicking and buying of the inevitable ‘Explosive And Shocking Revelations’ book. This bloke has a very checkered past, personally and in his business life, prior to getting on the PGMOL/UEFA/FIFA gravy train. If the personal traits he appeared to show in his life away from football transferred themselves across into football, his performances and apparent lack of an ability to be at least slightly apologetic for handling things poorly - is no surprise. He just appears to be a poor quality human being generally.
  2. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    Have you been to Liverpool in the last 15 years……….pretty much every house has a burglar alarm on display and they’d be a great deal poorer if they’d not get buildings and contents insurance - prime market for insurance there, I’d have thought! 😉
  3. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    That’s better 😉 It’s good that we can pick a side like that and still win. Villa did also have some first choice players missing. Quite impressed for 70 mins with McGinn, would be a good capture for a top 6 side. Tiago Silva was imperious for me.
  4. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Wasn’t very comfortable for 46 minutes. They were the better side. Credit to TT for recognising the issue and resolving it. Right side defensively was not good until he brought the skipper on.
  5. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Just got back in home from the game. First half, Mendy is at my end - excellent and top class from him. Best one for me was the save at 1-0 when Watkins shot low and to Mendy’s right, Watkins shaped to go one side and whipped it near post at pace. A great save. As a former keeper how’d you see it? Far better second half, once Jorginho got control of the ball. One of those players, you don’t miss until you don’t have him to hand.
  6. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    I think the saying is: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” The definitive statement that applies for both UEFA and FIFA On topic: looking forward to this game, Villa have a realistic chance of top 7 this season and appear to have invested the Grealish gift money well. The ‘rail’ seats in my view work well, great leaning spot and a good place to hang the jumper/coat. Stewards didn’t perform the ritual and facile ‘sit-down’ routine at the Palace game.
  7. Non Chelsea: International Football

    The behaviour as stated was deplorable, the same countries fans are on a 3 game stadium ban by UEFA, for guess what…………………..the same racist behaviour. However because the World Cup is a FIFA sanctioned tournament, the ban doesn’t apply. You really struggle to rationalise this sort of decision from organisations that lecture us all on how others should embrace the anti-racism ‘messages’ they say they send out and then basically condone racism by allowing fans in last night. Quelle surprise, they do the same again. FIFA, UEFA = Completely corrupt, both morally and commercially, the latter probably the real reason for the decision to let fans in at last night’s game.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    After Antonio Conte has replaced OGS, won something, then pis**d the board-off and leaves with a big pay off…………………..!
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've a friend/ex-colleague who's son is at a Championship (ex-PL) Academy in the 14's. Most of the young lads there aspire to getting the call from our own or A-Villa's academy currently. Villa are throwing a lot of money around at youth level right now, according to the father and we have done for a good while. The other over-riding thing for the father is that he knows that the Chelsea academy produces a good number as a proportion, of professional footballers. He is a die-hard L'pool fan and it pains him to say it, but he knows an academy such as Chelsea is one of the best routes through for his son. The lad is extremely well regarded too, plays and trains with 15's and 16's. Villa have already told him they're coming in for him when his 14's deal is done at the end of the season. Chelsea's man is also interested. A good example of how much money there is invested in very young promising players is that Nike have provided this young chap with £5k per year to spend on boots and sportswear - at 14 years old!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think they still do - but not as suddenly as they used to.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can’t stay in the straight and narrow path top, top players tread apparently. Party animal. Shame, as he’s got all the physical attributes, just lacking the brain cells. Poor mans Rooney. Still he’s a multi-millionaire for the rest of his days, he’ll take the next deal that some desperate manager/club put to him and get even richer. Classic case of too much too soon.
  12. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    What will be interesting is Lukaku up against Van Dyke. Lukaku should sit right on top of him all game, Van Dyke consistently hits long diagonal balls to to their wing-backs when opposition defenses tuck in narrow to deny Salah, Mane, Jota/Firminho space. If RL can stop those balls at source, it cuts that option out for them. That game will test Romelu both offensively and defensively.
  13. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    No indeed not. However if the press had got wind of what was said by two moron's positioned directly behind me in our end, there'd have been quite a lot said about that. Absolute b***ends, I've messaged the club, hopefully there'll be some action. Other point being, every club has got some of the above, just gotta weed them out one-by-one now. The latter being a reflection of how far the game has come on from my view.
  14. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    I’ll have a guess at Abraham wouldn’t sign a new contract last season, holding out for a deal he isn’t worth. TT wants a team/group mentality and that didn’t fit his MO. Plus he’s not good enough to win a PL with as one of a pair of forwards.
  15. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Team looked half-cooked in terms of fitness and match sharpness, particularly those who will have started their pre-seasons later than others. That might explain the good first half and generally second best in the second half - we thought we could operate at three-quarter pace and still win. Soon as they equalised, we upped our game. I thought Kante looked fit as did Alonso. Credit to the latter as being linked as a ‘makeweight’ in a transfer deal can’t make you feel better about yourself. Their goal, good bit of interplay between their front two, but Rudiger has to concentrate. Got dragged out off the 18 yard line, leaving a massive hole for the forward to run into and got nowhere near the guy who eventually scored, then didn’t track his run. Really pleased for Kepa. Moment in the sun for him, deserved in my opinion. He’s not openly dissented since Mendy came in and publicly appears to be on board with this ‘group’ mentality thing we seem to be championing.