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  1. Didier Drogba

    NO mate "Chelsea doesn't mean anything to Drogba". In his first season know one defended him like me because I could see there was a great player in their waiting to come out. But it's plain & simple I've just had too much of his antics, it's a shame because we should all be praying that he stays, but it's just 1 incident to far. It's the Club we love & we have to identify with the players on some kind of level. I think Didier has gone beyond that now with Chelsea's more traditional fan base.
  2. Didier Drogba

    That's what he is paid to do! not the rest of the sxit that goes with it. And this season there has been too much sxit & not enough of the good stuff simple as that. Just because on his day he is quality doesn't mean we have to put up with the bullsxit on the pitch & that comes out of his mouth. At Chelsea we love our players to love our Club & if we don't feel that then sorry they can fxck off, we are simply not that desperate for success, it needs to mean something to us. That's why players like Osgood, Harris, Bonetti, Nevin, Dixon, Vialli, Petrescu, Dimatteo, JT & hopefully Frank will forever mean something to us. They all get what Chelsea is about & it's not just success (there are many other players of course they just sprang to mind).
  3. Didier Drogba

    Tweeds please mate in the last 11 seasons we have won a lot of Trophys.Can we please all stop this we have only won things since Roman has been here. He wouldn't have bought us if we hadn't been so successful since 1997.
  4. Didier Drogba

    Now listen here, no you list what we won from 1997 to before Drogba & Jose arrived so we can show you up for the numpty you are. Send me a personal message & I will happily arrange to meet you to discuss the finer points of Chelsea football Club. Infact if you insist on calling us a sad Club again I will happily pop across the Channel to see you. Don't take to long about it I've got a bit of time on me hands at the moment.
  5. New Kits

    Best shirt in ages, looks great close up. Haven't bought a Chelsea shirt for years but I'm tempted. Don't feel ripped off buying the kids them, they wear them wash them, wear them wash them & they always stay the same, unlike some of the garbage you buy from Gap etc. Nearest we've had to the Butch Wilkins shirt which is my favorite ever (closely followed by 1970 Cup Final).
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well that was most enjoyable great game, end to end could have gone either way & 12,000 a pretty good turn our considering our fan base is no longer local. Great to see lots of non yuppy kids with plenty of passion & singing. Chelsea youth in the Shed Lower having a right laugh think a lot of them had just got back from Turkey.
  7. Michael Essien

    Your all missing the point "Yes outstanding player last year" but it wasn't consistently in midfield. He has never been consistently outstanding in midfield since he has been here.
  8. Michael Essien

    Diarra hardly played so how can you say that. Mikel was totally ineffective for his first spell in the first team until he found his feet. It's only my opinion about Diarra & I could be wrong but if you ever meet Frank Lampard ask him who he thought the best young midfielder at the Club was. Only time will tell but he has already won MOM against us & Man U & against us he was the difference between us winning & drawing at Portsmouth.
  9. Michael Essien

    Yeh but unfortunately he didn't spot & keep happy our other quality midfielder "Diarra" him & Mikel should have been our future. Us & Arsenal have made a huge mistake.
  10. Michael Essien

    Rubbish he won player of the year last season & he played everywhere. Why should he played as an attacking midfielder he doesn't score enough & he can't spot a pass.
  11. Michael Essien

    Spot on. Then spent the rest of the game doing nothing.
  12. Michael Essien

    When did he sign his new contract!!!!! (I might be wrong but was it not under Grant, apologies if I'm wrong) giving your all isn't enough he won player of the year because he performed all over the pitch for Chelsea & did admirably. He didn't win player of the year because he is an outstanding midfield player consistently. Infact his best performances were at right back which would be his best position for Chelsea. If you are looking for a real quality young midfielder look in the Porstsmouth team at Diarra. He should have been the future of Chelsea along with Mikel said it over a year ago. Power, aggression, pace & can see a pass, something unfortunately Micheal cannot. Not from midfield anyway.
  13. Michael Essien

    Not until he gets his form back. He should play there full stop. Within 6 months he would be best right back in the world. IMO he will only ever be an engine room in midfield not enough subtlety & cleverness to his game. Good pace, good in the air, strong as an ox can get up & down all day & passing at his best when he doesn't have to think. That's the perfect right back to me.
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I'm going with 3 maybe 4 mates. Must admit I don't keep up to date with the youth team but one of my mates is going absolutely potty about 1 lad (french I think) reckons he is different gear. Anyone know who it is?
  15. New Kits

    Read my mind. Apart from that I quite like, nice and simple, not quite Butch & Gary Stanley style (loved that) but half decent, like the yellow this time.
  16. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Very very good. I should have known it was only a matter of time from you. Mind you it's worth coming on a tour to see some of the Brazilians on the tour!! (female of course)
  17. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I don't know your circumstances sorry I was talking of people I know & unfortunately they are getting older & they have got lazy & full of excuses. Yes prices are ridiculous but as you said it is all about choices. I firmly believe that our traditional fan base could manage 6 games a season (not just the glamour ones) then the atmosphere would always be decent at the Bridge.
  18. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Fxck me! did I say I wanted that, I was just trying to throw some light on why our turnover is higher than Arsenal's despite our capacity being 20,000 smaller. Yes of course our prices have kept our traitional fan base away but I'm sorry a lot of em can't be bothered including my mates, they would rather moan about all the JCL's, most of them could afford it if they really wanted to but it's easier to play the victim. I can't understand why someone who had a ST in 2004 would give it up for being out priced as far as I can remember my ST has been frozen for 3 years now.
  19. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Just trying to point out there is a massive fan base there if things weren't so expensive. Nothing to deep other than they are genuinely shocked, is that alright for you. With regard to shirt sales despite us not winning the PL last year I was informed globally we out sold Man Utd shirts by 3 to 1. Now before everything comes on here slaughtering me saying yeh but these people aren't proper Chelsea. That is not the debate here, it is about people who claim to support "a team". Do we really think that the Emirates & Old Trafford are full with proper Arse & Manure every week.
  20. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I don't think that is right, Arsenal have some very expensive seats which push up their average ticket price but I think you will find the bulk of our seats are dearer. Right I am going to reveal something I never wanted to on here but I have to to back up my arguement. I always go on about how big we are and our potential etc etc and one of the reasons is because I see this on a day to day basis is because I do Stadium tours at the Bridge (part time). You would not believe the amount of people who come to Stamford Bridge & claim to love Chelsea. Now I am not saying they love Chelsea like most on here do but if we are debating shirt sales etc etc we are on another scale to Arsenal trust me. They come from every corner of the globe & the other day we had nearly 1,000 people visit in 1 day. A high percentage of them arrive in something Chelsea or leave in something Chelsea. I took 40 Americans yesterday (Americans are the biggest growth) & everyone of them bar 1 (supported West Ham) bought Chelsea shirts, track tops the lot & 40% of them were girls. They all knew the players names & the all loved Terry, Lampard & Joe (& Ballack strangely). The amount of Americans grow by the day as well as India, Asia & China. But they really do come from everywhere & there has been a lot more Brazilians lately. As I have always said due to our location we are the only genuine glamour Club in the Country always have been & always will be and as long as we stay in the area and are successful the skies the limit for Chelsea, as long as our proper fans keep the soul in the Club. Just for the record do these people show interest in your Arsenal's & United's. No not really they ask questions (more about United & Liverpool) but all they really want, is to know how they can get tickets to watch their team Chelsea. And you think we feel out priced when I tell them the cost most of them nearly pass out on the spot.
  21. Michael Essien

    If you read my post properly I say "poor compared to last season". I agree in the World Cup he was excellent but then so was Ballack & he didn't bring that form with him (showing it now though). This season Essien has had little impact on many games & often his final pass & choice of pass has been woeful. Not saying he is not good just giving you the facts this season. Maybe they are things you cannot see on the tv as you can't always see the other players available like you can when you are at the game.
  22. Michael Essien

    He has been poor this season compared to last, so good to hear he is in good form out there, hopefully he will bring it back with him.
  23. New Kits

    I'm sure there will be once the press have been shown round on Thursday.
  24. New Kits

    I got to see the training ground last week & will be at the opening this week. I was reluctant to make this post because it makes me look like a tosser wanting to tell everyone. I promise I am not doing it for that reason I am doing it because I want people to realise how unbelievable this place is. 1. It shows Roman is completely committed to us because it has cost so much money they won't even reveal it & the building work is to continue for at least the next 2 years. 2. Any player coming over to sign for Chelsea or potentially sign for Chelsea is going to be blown away by the facilities. You add the fact where it is located & where that player will be living (either beautiful part of Surrey or Englands Capital) I can see no reason why we will not continue to attract the best players young & old. I have been told the facilities are the best in the world & I have no reason from what I saw to not believe it. It is truly amazing.
  25. Gianfranco Zola

    Spot on! unless he has completely prooved himself I think somethings are best left in the memory bank. Watching him struggle would be horrendous, although I'm sure he would still manage to come out of any situation with dignity.