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  1. A Driving Force

    My first car was a 1970's Ford Consul in the late '80's you had to work a miracle just to get the bloody thing to move! Nowadays I have a Ford Focus Titanium, which gets me from A to B but I'll be getting rid of it soon because of he extension of the ULEZ zone. Fondly remember old cars my dad and uncles used to drive, Triumph Acclaims/Dolomites, Morris Oxford's Austin Cambridges, Opel Ascons's/Mpnza's, boy time flies and makes me feel old!
  2. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Quality 2nd half performance, the performance of champions, unlike the jammy and lucky Man Ure, who seem to fluke wins week in, week out. Thomas Tuchel is a genius, and showed who was boss with his half time changes.
  3. Media / Press

    Ferguson would never have tried to intimidate refs like Clive "The Book" Thomas, if he pointed to his watch back in the's and 80's, Thomas would have just blown the final whistle there and then and told Ferguson where to stick his watch.
  4. Jimmy Greaves RIP

    RIP Greavsie. He was slightly before my time, but his goal statistics was phenomenal. A great character as well, the Saint & Greavse show really was great and genuinely funny, unlike the clapped out Soccer AM. Not so long ago the Saint (Ian St John) passed and now Greavsie has gone as well. A sad day for football indeed.
  5. Despite the criticism of some posters, I'd still rather have Rom than Haaland. The worst thing about signing Haaland will be the behaviour of that to55er Mino Raiola, who for me should be shunted from the game altogether. Raiola is nothing other than a parasite, who doesn't deserve a penny of his ill gotten gains.
  6. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    I'm quite happy with a transit van. as for Yorkie Bars, Yuk! Bog standard chocolate. Back to Willian, good luck to him in Brazil, he could easily have just done n Ozil or a Bogarde, picked up his obscene wages and not bothered. I wish most other greedy, overpaid footballers would do the same, or do their agents tell them just to sit there and take the money?
  7. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Brilliant result, we had to overcome a weak ref, and also the Kop as per usual trying to ref the game, and also their psycophants in the media egging them on. The best bot about Liverpool failing to beat us iKlopp whingeing as per usual, and trying to make excuses for his teams' own inabilaties to win the game. Mendy was calm and assured, the back 3 were immaculate and the rest did OK as well.
  8. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    Great result, performance was none too shabby either. Lukaku bullied their defence just like Drogba used to do. I wonder what that unfunny tw@ masquerading as a comedian (Alan Davies) has to say now? Let's hope Rom also gives everyone's favourite VVD a physical going over on Murkyside next week. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The bloke can barely string a sentence together. There are also a few on Talksport that are the same.
  10. The Way We Were..a chara sslt..series 2

    Striker, actually, goal hanger is a more apt description
  11. Great signing. The nearest thing to Drogba or Costa, and will give us some power and pace up front, no defenders will relish facing him.
  12. Media / Press

    Sick b******s
  13. Season expectations 21/22

    Champions Man City 2nd Chelsea( Hope we win it but overhauling City is a tough task) , 3rd Liverpool, 4th Man Utd Relegated Brentfprd, Watford, Burnley Not predicting the cups, never do Championship Bournemouth
  14. Your Favourite Tv Shows/sitcoms?

    Going back to the '70's The Goodies, The Benny Hill Show, On the Buses, Love thy Neighbour, Mind Your Language, George and Mildred to name but a few. Some were rather un-PC and would never get shown in the modern day, but people like Keith Lemon get away with far worse and nobody says a thing. In Love thy Neighbour Eddie absolutely gets away with murder with his insults but Bill gives as good as he gets and often ends up having the last laugh. I also liked the old quiz shows like Celebrity Squares, Give Us a Clue, Blankety Blank, Blockbusters and a Question of Sport, but QOS has long since gone stale, and I no longer bother. A league of their Own is just a poor man's They Think It's All Over. any programme that has Holly Willoughby on it is enough for me to hurl a brick at the TV.
  15. If Only..another chara short shelf life topic.

    Souness at the very least was a great player, Sutton wasn't