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  1. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Agree with all of this, but in fairness to Wenger’s Arsenal, they generally did have the potential to play aggressive, fast, exhilarating, high octane football at various points in the season. Risk sure, but when it clicked, it was brilliant. The speed of our build up a lot of the time would make a tortoise look like Usain Bolt. Kanté aside (and he doesn’t pose a goal threat), have we really got anyone that possesses energy and vibrancy to get everyone going? Or drags the team along with them? I don’t think we have anyone that does anything like that with any regularity. Mount tries, but even he’s been missing sitters of late. Hopefully one or two of the newer players can play up to a live crowd when we have fuller stadiums, but I’m more inclined to think they’ll be shirking the fans rather than making them love what they’re doing.
  2. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    Amazing how quickly this team are capable of turning the mood. A week ago, I felt reasonable optimism, thought we’d win yesterday and we had a better chance than most are giving us in the CL final. Fast forward seven days + two shockers and I’m as annoyed with a lot of these players as I was in January, have been fuming 24 hours plus about the Cup Final and can’t say I’d be surprised if we lost all three of the remaining games (or worse two draws this week and come up just short in the Final). Either way, I can think of at least three players in the squad I’d joyfully see gone and another handful I genuinely could care less if they’re here next season. I’d like to say I won’t be watching, but what else do I have to do? The freshly-cancelled NowTV pass has 24 days left on it and I’ve not managed to get up the list for a vaccination appointment as yet. I hope they can produce the goods over the next 13 days as we all do, but can’t help think it’s more likely we’ll get vinegar rather than Sauvignon Blanc. Sigh. We’re in for a torrid fortnight aren’t we.
  3. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Quite. I saw a graphic earlier that showed since 2015, we’ve lost 8/11 finals we’ve played in (incl Charity Shield/Supercups). So basically, since we lost Drogba et al, the culture in the team is that getting to finals and losing is ok. We’ve played in four FA Cup Finals in five years, turned up in one, won it narrowly. Played badly in three others and lost all of them. The Supercup & League cup finals in 2019 we played quite well, but still lost. We’ve developed a cultural problem. We seem to be ok with losing big games and possess an attitude of just needing to show up to beat struggling sides. Our squads appear to think that not delivering and then posting “it’s disappointing to lose a final , but we go again” social media posts is enough (and seriously, the players can FO with that today after the way they played yesterday). It isn’t. The senior players in this team don’t have the mentality or the determination to make us successful year after year, or guide the promising younger ones into the standards required for success and they aren’t being moved on for not delivering. Nothing will change until they’re replaced. I think Frank knew it and that’s why some were clearly being pushed out. Tuchel is a good manager (even if I’ve definitely not enjoyed the football at times and he got the team wrong yesterday), but he’s hamstrung by the players here. And I think he’ll struggle to get much more out of this group without some key personnel being added. I’m fully expecting the next two weeks to go badly. No top four and we’ll lose the CL final. The players seem to think that is ok, so maybe that’s just how it’ll be now at the club. The only vague hope is that Roman will be fed up with failure and we’ll get rid of four or five players that have been here a good while and replace them with some that have a bit of appetite. Unfortunately, we all know it’s more likely to be “bye-bye Thomas” though.
  4. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Avoided posting anything last night as I was genuinely fuming. Thought I’d wake up this morning feeling a bit better. How wrong I was. The stupid VAR call is an excuse for the result. Not testing their goalie once until going behind showed our approach. The speed of our build-up play when behind was just soul-destroying. No one take takes any responsibility for making anything happen. No one thinks ahead, tries to do something unexpected. We deserved precisely nothing from the game and got just that. Turning up and playing like that in any game leads to crap results, doing it in a final is just pathetic. And this isn’t the first time. Largely the same group of players were rubbish in last year’s final and lost. Why did they seem to think that a less proactive approach would beat a better side this year? I think we’ve blown the season this week. Leicester had us completely sussed yesterday, they only need a 0-0 on Tuesday. We’re primed to burn ourselves out trying for two results, not getting them and going into the CL Final against a rested City team desperate for a result to qualify again.
  5. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Fine with me. I see little wrong with securing CL/winning titles and cups the simplest way possible.
  6. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Agreed on your first point. Hard schedule. On your second point, even a draw on Weds could have provided a useful point. It wasn’t so much the loss as the performance though. Two really poor actions in the first 15-16 mins from Havertz, then Jorginho and we just never really picked up from there. Such a wasted opportunity.
  7. New Kits

    I do think this is a market that Nike have been a bit dopey not targeting. I’m not bothered about shirts any more tbh. But if there were easy to wear things like plain navy/royal/grey/white t-shirts with a small Nike swoosh and some form of Chelsea badge on them knocking about for £20-25, then I’d have no problem spending on that. Same with a sweatshirt, polo or hoodie. Not really seen anything like that from them. Subtle is good when it comes to football stuff. Especially if you go to games, or are not 11. Hopefully they can tag onto that.
  8. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I really hope the players have their mindset right for this and the two games that follow over the next week. What we saw on Wednesday was not good and will hopefully have really pissed a few of the bigger players in the dressing room off, causing a real focus for the tasks ahead. Leicester will be up for this, but if we can keep our shape and not give them space to counter into, then we’ll win I think. We’ve got to be proactive though. Don’t start slowly and go behind. Get ahead and force them to come at us, leaving gaps to exploit.
  9. New Kits

    I don’t think it is. The below is the rumoured away kit (or at least colourway) and the other kit is rumoured to be green from what I’ve heard
  10. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Lets hope we break the habit by starting really strong and scoring at least once early on. If we started even 3 more games a season like we did at Palace the other week, we’d literally have 3 more wins. That should be the aim with both these league games. Get ahead early and stay ahead. Edit: Why do we always have to do things the hard way? Can’t ever be simple can it?
  11. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Regardless of the Cup policy, surely Mendy should start the final? Nothing against Kepa particularly and not supporting the agenda against him, but for me Mendy starts. He deserves to play the big games and is the better goalkeeper. I think Havertz played himself out of the starting XI last night. (If in fact he was in Tuchel's plans to start). If Kovacic was fit, I personally would have him in for Jorginho too. But I can't see him being anything other than bench-ready for Saturday. For me, the team is largely easy to choose, but I'm not sure if I'd go with Pulisic or Ziyech. Pulisic I feel has more general influence on games and seems to put more of a shift in, but Ziyech seems to have big moments that change things of late. I wouldn't be too unhappy with one ahead of the other. Mount starts and I think last night shows Werner's importance to the team. Mendy Azpi Thiago Rudiger James Jorginho Kante Chilwell Pulisic Werner Mount
  12. New Kits

    Jesus. Imagine wearing something capable of taking the impact of a .50 calibre! 😳
  13. New Kits

    Weird pattern aside, does it not feel a bit light/bright in colour? Like the blue should be a bit darker and so should the yellow? The video is well put together, just wish as much thought went into the kits themselves!
  14. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Kings of making life more difficult for ourselves than it has to be. Frustrating.
  15. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Suppose this performance and result was karma for me enjoying the meltdowns on AFTV too much last week 😆 That was tripe last night. No more polite words for it. No urgency, no adventure, just tedious, slow, plodding football in response to a dreadful 1v1 miss and an even worse backpassin the first 15 minutes. Havertz was dreadful and could not have complained if he'd been hooked at half-time. Jorginho exhibited every characteristic he has that makes so many people highly skeptical of him. I'm particularly annoyed because a win last night would have made the last week of the season so much easier. We give a genuinely terrible Arsenal side an easy ride time after time. They'd have fallen apart last night if Havertz had put us 1-0 up. Now we need wins and realistically for Man Utd to do us a favour against a well-rested Liverpool side. Only ourselves to blame if we don't get fourth and this problem with turning up against sides we perceive as weaker than us needs sorting asap. For all of the good since Tuchel's come in, we've dropped a lot of points against struggling teams. Another two points from Arsenal/Brighton/Southampton/Leeds/West Brom would make such a difference now, but we always have to do it the hard way don't we. I wonder how many played themselves out of cup final starts last night? Havertz surely must have at a minimum?