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  1. It's quite clear Sarris overly complex tactical instructions and philosophy are like a straightjacket to Ross. He needs to be told to work hard and just express himself - it's why he looks a different player for England.
  2. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Willian's been an excellent player for us. He's actually had a really good season this year. But he's nearly 31, getting past his peak (especially for a winger), and inconsitent as hell. He's not a bad player, but come on, he's not exactly world class. We need to rebuild with young talent for the long term. Not keep ageing wingers who are only going to decline. Playing into your thirties works for midifeilders and defenders at this level, but it's long past time we rebuilt with younger talent who can be here 5-10 years, not 1 or 2 more years.
  3. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    A Belgian journo who is a friend of Hazard reporting he's off to Madrid for £100m. So is Matt Law. He's going. With a ban, we'll have to start CHO. Can't have deadwood like Willian being our first choice LW.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Matt Law and Kristoff Terruer, a Beligan journalist who is a personal friend of Hazard, are reporting Hazard is off to Madrid for £100m - Zidane wants him and he wants to go. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Gareth Bale: Last season - 39 games, 21 goals This season: 34 games, 13 goals. But yep, he's injury prone and past it....
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I've heard the board are furious with Sarri for not playing CHO and Ampadu more, and didn't buy a CM in Jan as they didn't want to block the path of Mason Mount. There's definitely a shift in emphasis. Matt Law alluded to the fact there are some on the board frustrated the academy players aren't being used as much and see this as an opportunity.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    The reality is that Chelsea will have known for some time this was coming. They will appeal (they said so), and the appeals process will give us this summer to buy players - so we make sure we get what we need this summer, and finally, integrate the talented youth we have. Chelsea have arguably the best academy in world football - it's time we used it. Does it mean we won't win the title for two years? Maybe. But maybe this ban will be the kick up the arse the club need to start building a proper structure at first team level. And we get a manager who will blood youth and be able to build a new, young team - so not a supercoach like Allegri, or flavour of the month like Sarri, but a coach tailored to the project we now have. This ban could be a blessing in disguise.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Kova will stay as part of the Hazard deal, Jorginho will stay. Morata is already gone. Cahill, Grioud and Luiz are out of contract and Zouma can come back, we have Ampadu, AC, Rudiger and him. Drinkwater, Zappa will be sold. Willian wants a 3 year deal and won't sign a 1 year extension, so he'll be sold. Pedro will go as well. Hazard obviously. There will be two summers worth of budget and we have a great academy, we'll be fine. It's a long-term rebuilding with less pressure due to a ban.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry Paul, but the reality is that within 3-5 years CHO is going to be world class. He wasn't quite ready to start for us in the summer, but now he is, and for me is ahead of both Willian and Pedro right now, both in terms of ability and performance. Still no idea why people think Willian is better, in fact that's the joke. It's called planning for the long-term and building a team for the long-term, not instant success. If we lose him, he'll go become a world class player elsewhere and people on this forum will be moaning aobut how he got away. He's good enough, he is ready, play him. Bayern want to spend a club record fee on him and start him. Of course he isn't Hazard's level now - no one is saying he is. But he will be in a few years time.
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Hoping Liverpool bottle it now. Would be the biggest bottling of a title in PL history IMO, and certainly the funniest. Even funnier than 2013 as they made a genuine challenge and everyone thought they would win it. Especially the media, who are embarassingly bias.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not crazy, he is a potential world class player. Give him the number 10 shirt and make him first choice LW. Willian could be going as he wants a 3 year deal and club will only give him one. Pedro could be off. We may need to sign two wingers this summer on top of Pulisic.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hazard said "I have decided". Also interview was done two months ago. So he knew his decision then. In that instance, the chances are he would have signed a contract if he was staying. Matt Law, who is generally reliable on Chelsea, stated yesterday Madrid have told Hazard they will bid for him. He's cheaper than Neymar or Mbappe so I'm sure they won't mind spending what it takes - £100-120m by all accounts. Beligian journalists are reporting the club have known his decision for a while, Matt Law also suggested this - I'm sure the club are planning for life without him. Whatever his decision, the club will know long before any of us do for sure. But the way it's going, it looks like he is Madrid bound.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm happy for people to critique my opinions fairly. But the aggressive tone from most of them was just unacceptable, and I take it personally. But I'll let it go. No point in debating it.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I thought it was a loan. My mistake. If it was permanent, I completely understand him not going there.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    But you missed the part where I said I respected him for what he's done here and for 2012. I actually said that above, I've always thought that. Of course he deserves credit for his Chelsea career and achievements. Not disputing that whatsoever. This isn't about that. It's never been about that. It's about how he's not good enough for us now. As in, today. And I also don't like any player just taking money for doing nothing, whoever it is.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's never enough for some people. They live and breathe to attack me, it's their sole purpose in coming here. It makes me laugh that people said "don't be a stranger" and welcomed me back. It was clealrly a ruse so some members could get their ego boosted by launching personal attacks and hammering me for having an opinion which differs from the "accepted" one. This place isn't about freedom of speech, it's quite clear. If your opinion differs from the line of the moderators or established posters, it's apparnetly open season to be attacked, mocked and insulted by anyone, even people who should know better. And they have the cheek to accuse me of disrespect.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    It would have been a loan till the end of the season, not a permanent contract. He could have gone elsewhere in the summer for nothing. I agree, Gary Cahill deserves total respect for his achievements with us and his attitude on the pitch, without any question. I don't doubt his contribution to us, his professionalism or that he was an effective signing. And for 2012 he always has my gratitude. But refusing to go on loan to play regulalry till the end of the season, rather than sit on your arse and collect fat wages? I don't care who it is, I don't like it in any player.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Alonso is arguably one of the worst LBs I have ever seen at Chelsea, and I've been supporting them since 1983. Great in Conte's system as a wing back, but as a full back awful. His cross completion rate is 8%, which is shocking for an attacking full back, and every team always tries to attack down his side. Most goals we concede come from his side. And all he does is walk or jog lightly back when caught out of position. Often he is on the half way line lightly jogging when the oppositon score. He is ridiculosly slow (Alonslow is a more appropriate name). His absence leaves Jorginho, Kante and the LCB caught out of position trying to cover for him. Hazard looks frustrated whenever he plays with him as his link up play is so bad. He hinders us both defensively and attacking wise. He played well until he signed his new contract, then has switched off and been useless ever since because he feels like he won't be dropped whatever happens - abysmal attitude. It's embarassing he is starting any games for us. Emerson is miles better. I'd take 37 year old Ashley Cole over Alonso. Willian, I do think deserves more respect than he gets. Always works hard and gives everything.
  19. Khobar's Legacy

    Petition for Gerrard and Carragher to get honourary medals incoming. The Scousers love a good petition.
  20. Khobar's Legacy

    What is really galling, is City's collapse started against us. And if we get anything against City next month we're basically handing the Scousers the title. And football wise that is the worst possible thing that could ever happen. Ever. I'd rather Spurs won the title that that bunch of entitled, self-righteous, deluded fans, and the media love in will be like hell on earth. Guess we'll just have to win at Anfield and hope they bottle it. And if not, take it off them next year.
  21. Khobar's Legacy

    OMG, them finishing 2nd would be just as bad. They could play the victims yet again, they'd bring out petitions asking for games to be replayed and points docked from City, they'd make death threats to Klopp and Lovren and any refs who denied them points, media and the Scousers would claim they were the people's champions. It would be literally just as bad. However, the bright side is it would be the biggest bottling in Premier League history, and they'd never live it down. Ever.
  22. Khobar's Legacy

    Yeah, they blamed us for Heysel didn't they? Always the victims, guilty of nothing, ashamed of nothing, flagrantly hypocritical, worshipped by the media. Liverpool and Liverpool fans. Henry Winter called Liverpool "an example to the rest of football" this season. Looks sillier and sillier as time goes on.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    The sqaud is comprised of a lot of weak minded players. Serial winners and leaders don't capitulate like they did against Spurs, Wolves and Arsenal. We won a title, then flopped to 10th, then won another thanks to a new tactical system and no European football, then collapsed to 5th. That's weak mentality. We have several players past not good enough, like Alonso (how he is still starting is a miracle), Willian - even Pedro is now 32 and not as consistent. Gone are the the days we had proper winners and leaders like Lamps, Ballack, JT, Drogba, Cech and Cole. Got no one of that ilk right now - Ampadu has that mentality, but isn't starting yet.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    On the Paredes deal - all I'll say is if we'd paid the asking price two weeks ago he'd be a Chelsea player now, and the price wouldn't have shot up to the alleged £50m it now is. On Higuain - I think he'll sign today or tomorrow and play against Spurs. Board are giving Sarri the players he wants. He's not like other managers - players either adapt to his system or they go. He's implementing a football philosophy with some players not good enough, he's been here 6 months when this is a long-term project, always was, and the club know it. Klopp finished 8th in his first season. Pep had a worse record after his first 23 league games at City than Sarri does, with arguably a worse squad. If you ditch Sarri now, you may as well go back to dull, boring football and re-appoint Jose. The fans will moan about the style of football until we appoint another manager like Sarri, then moan again when he doesn't get instant results. Sarri is a project, we need to be patient.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    For reference, Higuain got 23 goals in 50 games last season. In a much more defensive league than ours. (32 in 55 the year before. 38 in 42 in 15/16 - under Sarri.) Morata got 15 goals in 48 games last year. And Higuain was 29/30 last season. In terms of this season, Milan are one of the most defensive teams in Serie A and barely have any creativity. Higuain feeding off Hazard is a totally different scenario/context. Higuain stats are better. He is miles better than Morata.