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9 hours ago, Michael Tucker said:

Thanks for the input, mate. I'd love to say that I understand all of that, but the truth is, I don't.....:). I could arrange temporary access for you if you think that you can fix the problem?

Thanks for the offer but I wouldn't be able to help. I worked as a software developer (similar to blue moon, but in a different sector), I retired quite a while ago now and am very "out of date". Generally, the problem with this kind of thing is human-agency. It sounds to me like you have some good evidence that mails are being lost. However, that's the easy bit. As you know, getting people who know what they are talking about to deal with the problem is very hard to do.

I don't really know how the thing is organised but I did a little investigation. I took a quick look at InVision Community (https://invisioncommunity.com) and it seems that this has a monthly fee and so there is, presumably. an income stream. There is a "developer area" that has details of email components that come with the platform. It's written in PHP, which is not my thing at all - I think of it as something for the hipsters, but it looks like gobbledygook to me. I registered on their web site but it was a real struggle (took me about twenty attempts) so that's not promising! It did not like non-standard mail addresses, the "I'm not a robot" wasn't working very well and failures cause the form to partially reset. Aaarrgghhh. Registering just seems to have made it possible to buy stuff an not much else. Anyway, there seem to be regular updates of the platform software (last one in July) and so it's not "dead" software. There is always a chance that an issue has been resolved with an update, but I can't find a list of problems fixed and I don't know what version is being used or how updates are rolled out (it may be automatic). If you have not done so, you could try to mail the people developing the platform (support@invisionpower.com ) to see if its a known problem. If that does not work, you need to get either the person paying the licence to chase it (I suspect you have already done that too) or try to "fish" for support (I.e. suggest that you might be prepared to pay a small amount in consultancy to fix the problem). Note I am not saying we would pay for it. Bear in mind, it might not be the platform itself, but something to do with how it is configured or some external system.

As you can tell, I am very out of my depth because this is not an area I am familiar with.

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52 minutes ago, Michael Tucker said:

New member this morning: King Thistle.

Yay!!!! Coming thick and fast now 🙏🏻

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Hi all,

Just a note to say I managed to register and sign up ......again!(Used to be Zoowraa)

It seems a lot has changed on here in recent times whilst I have been away. I did manage to register with no problems though.

I ended up with some system bugs and needed to change passwords on old account.....then forgot them etc etc.

Plus with what has gone on at the club over the last few years, I just become so bored and tired of everything that surrounded the club, mostly that dull football served up last season.

Back in a positive place with the club now we have Frank in charge and finally younger players getting their chance :)

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