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Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

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6 minutes ago, paulw66 said:

Was never a red btw.

No, but it was certainly a 2nd  yellows.  We have had a great deal of correct decisions go our way this season and last, this was a perfectly correct decision that went against us.  If you go feet first with eyes shut it is dangerous play.

Sad cameo by Ivanovic.  Unlike his last cameo here which was a superb exhibition of wonderful WB play for 30 mins back in 2017.
He did out run Werner which takes some doing, and so sad to see him go off.

No opportunities for finger pointing for a long long time under TT, so no doubt the fingers will be out after this game.

Odd thing is how little Pereira has almost got a hattrick.  WBA line up with a giant front 3, and a couple of giant CBs.  Zouma looks small amongst the giants - which is very unusual.

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WBA have pressed us from the start and especially now they have a man extra - which is exactly why we went 3-0 down to them in the first game.


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10 minutes ago, Ham said:

When he goes up to make the header he will know whereabouts he's going to head it to.  He'd have been better off leaving it than heading it into a dangerous area. 

Yes, I can imagine not bothering to try and win the ball would have gone without comment on CFCnet.

He has no choice but to try and win the ball, and messes up in the process. Odd that when Jorginho is responsible for putting Silva in that position, the fault lies with Jorginho, but that when someone else puts Jorginho in that position, it is still Jorginho's fault.

The bloke's having a shocker without having to make stuff up. No one's disagreeing he's been sh*te.

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1 minute ago, Worsebytheday said:

Haven't conceded at home for 3 months, and this is WBA, what is the manager thinking?should be picking a team that should be scoring goals, mount is coming on who's off?

The 11 who started would have been fine but for an awful red.  

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1 minute ago, chelboy said:

The phrase of “Kante running like a headless chicken” is just silly. I don’t understand how people view Kante like that. He wouldn’t have achieved half of what he has if he just ran around like a headless chicken. World cup winner, PL winner, PL player of the year. Actually he must be a headless chicken running around picking up all these awards. 

Called a headless chicken for leaving his blood, sweat and tears out on the pitch when representing the badge.

Meanwhile every excuse is made for Jorginho.

Funny that.

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